“Relax… everything you know is wrong​!​”

by RUFMOUTH aka Dave The Ruf

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….so sick, sick, sick, sick… Sick of Westwood, bomb noises, Jiggy Simple pop shots, anorexic like Twiggy? It’s shitty, the music I love gets slept on. We bring it to the people with our unique songs Of endless redemption, life’s temptations And all the other stuff that no one else mentions. Mindbomb’s attach like a new born Alien. Drop my eggy lyrics down your throat, they’ll end in your Stomach. Digest, now learn to forget. All your misinformation as your mind is wrecked. Rebuild you with our truth, passion and pride. Life ain’t that bad if you’ll just step inside The nightclub, festival or seedy pub. Opera House, Warships and community huts. I’ve done ‘em all, turned up - blew up – fucked off! It really is that easy K Delight & Ruf - We came here to rip it, you’ll think that it’s wicked The boys are all pissed and the ladies are tripping. To the Ruf Beats styles, we be bouncing brains, THE RUF & K Delight you’re paying for the name. WHAT DID YOU SAY YOUR NAME WAS?…(You’ll know) Have you ever .. Paid for the name and don’t know what you’re getting. Paid for the name, but no people are sweating Paid for the name, well , book K Delight & THE RUF, no worries, cos we’ll rock it all night! Sick of £10 a ticket to see the same names. Ruf Beats 10 years, we say fuck the fame. Sick of trendy dj’s only playing instrumentals. Where’s your fuckin records, your collection credentials? ….step up so fake, armed with battlebreaks They come with one disc, we come with 3 crates. They play for 20 minutes well I’ve dropped 6 hours. People rock non-stop, now they’re needing a shower, So damn sweaty and there’s no need for bouncers. Fuck dress restrictions cos “I’ll wear my trousers If I want to” cos this is my truth Men are fucking violent in ties and suits. It doesn’t really matter at a Ruf Beats concert Dancing with the devil so fuck evil sponsors Not Nike, or Reebok, this ain’t my Adidas All slave driving brands so I’ll keep us, free as we can be, I own Ruf Beats mate. Made my own life and my great escape. To get you uplifted is the aim of the game. So when the Ruf rocks you will pay for the name. Have you ever .. Paid for the name and don’t know what you’re getting. Paid for the name, but no people are sweating Paid for the name, well , book K Delight & THE RUF, no worries, cos we’ll rock it all night! Here to fuck it up, cut it up, Chris breaks needles The Ruf rocks rhymes designed for my peoples. So evil, feeble mc’s watch and get vexed Fuck you if you hate us, we’ll steal your respect. Like sweets from a kiddie, you cry, what a pity. You’ve never seen us live in your own fat city. Cos some are trendy, sell to all the indie’s Using US-less mc’s so half hearted and empty. Sick of wank yank hip hop shows, over priced. 2 arrive out of 10 and 1 gets on the mic. Raps for 4 songs then fucks off no encore. I’ve dropped 40 records so the Ruf you’ve come for. All things dope and more so every dancefloor. Belongs to K.D. & Ruf when we walk in the door. Soundcheck swiftly, always professional. Preparing the Mindbomb’s, yes we are testing all. Convention’s and formula’s fuck it do it raw. KD drops the beat and he’s shaking down walls… Hard ! Come tumbling down like in Berlin. Barriers break down for the people to step in. We’re comin’ to excite ya , K.D. will delight ya Ignite the dynamite and Jeep Beats will unite ya. Really that simple this is Dave THE RUF. Spraying on the stage dirty hip hop love. Mindbomb mc, funky junkie producer. KD does the cuts now, please don’t confuse ya Head gets a test ‘cos we’re Jeep Beat too. Got so much funky shit we want to drop on you. Together there’s no better ‘cos they’re looking for fame. Jam promoter, show you’re doper, when paying for the name! Chorus Lyrics copyright Dave The Ruf aka D.J.Davies aka RUFMOUTH 11/2/2002 5pm-6pm.
Skunk funk 05:05
It’s the skunk; funk, booming in your set You never can forget, how it messes with your head It’s the top buzz, massaging your brain, Feeling good again, sidestepped the rain And pains, cease, it’s such a pure relief. Sirens in my head like “the sound of the police” Keep ringing, bringing me back to the cause. Hip-hop & love so I rock like “it’s yours” The Ruf punk poet & rebel without a pause. One-man hip hop army on my ultimate tour. Of life, mike’s ripped and needles busted Spreading all my love and my music disgusting Gift to you all, society appals. We’ve got to rise above it so I open up doors. “Let me out to play Mum” everyone breaks loose. Free your mind and body let my words seduce. The proof is in the pudding, Ruf Beats consume. Play this late at night and listen to the boom, of… The skunk, funk, it’s really what you want. Making you an addict to the cosmic funk. Yes the skunk, funk. Tell me can you cope. The Ruf hip-hop style is the original dope. So I push it up, suck it up, (aah) feel the swirl. To all my new people, B Boys fly girls. Remember that your future is to know your past. Ruf Beats for 10 years and it’s really gone fast. Zooming round the planet, planting my seeds. Dropping dope verses with the other MC’s. Wrecking every set, DJ’ing with the best. Give you pure memories – the craziest. Payment varies – result’s the same. Doing it for the love and never the fame. If it comes I’ll grab it, gently poke it. Try to cope & blow this scene wide open. So everybody follow if you’ve got skills “kick it” And if you are a fan, light it up now hit it to …. The skunk, funk, it’s really what you want. Making you an addict to the cosmic funk. Yes the skunk, funk. Tell me can you cope. The Ruf hip-hop style is the original dope. I’ve come to this trip, equipped like Bill Hicks Dropping my mind bomb’s, keep you in fits And jiggle like a puppet when I call “Let’s Dance”. Get up off the wall, you bore, take the chance. I’m making this infectious - people do you get this? Minds make room – I’m telling you my death wish. Love me when I’m gone, my friends, come gather. Party at my wake and get your eardrums battered. People will remember how I stood for rights To be your true selves and follow the light. How I did all I dreamed plus so much more. Gave you Ruf Beats at a price you could afford. Chatted on the phone, sat high at home. We always had a laugh, maybe a little moan. All we love lost before our eyes. Our world, our music, our lives, surprise! Sold down the river, so we battle and swim. Upstream to Atlantis, let your life begin. Meditate to the mesmerising two tone. Sound of the underground, the Rufs Beats Zone, of …. The skunk, funk, it’s really what you want. Making you an addict to the cosmic funk. Yes the skunk, funk. Tell me can you cope. The Ruf hip hop style is the original dope. Skunk funk Copyright D.J.Davies aka RUFMOUTH 11/01/2002 5-6am.
Listen to me now, let the jam commence. Too many commentators no longer make sense. Where’s your soul son? Spot the whole sun. That’s the very essence where poetry comes from. …now it’s all about champagne Charlie’s. You’ll never take me out even with your armies. Only the mindless throw guns in the air. But this isn’t a movie and No life ain’t fair. And that’s why I care and that’s why we all should. No religions, no creed, just a worldwide brotherhood of man, goddamn. We’re fighting the wrong war. Fuelled by the corrupt who keep us all poor. Terror breeds terror, violence meets violence. Nobody listens to their people and all the while it’s gathering pace like I told you last year - Death Race 2001 full of fear and loathing, immigrants and asylum seekers. Politicians play the good guys, some play preachers, some the cowboy, one the Messiah. Calling terrorists “evil fanatics” you liar! Since it was born by it’s gang raped mother America’s greed killed thousands of others. And rap grew out of a minorities fight back, and now you all look so controlled and wack - to get all the sales, but you ain’t saying nothing. I may not be rich but I stand for something. Playing for the majors they’re Masters, I say what’s really in my heart and write about today. More to this world than just the US, overtly, covertly foreign policy tests the patience of the world and what’s the cause? America it’s business been built on wars. They’re fixing and mixing the roulette wheel of the world and enforce with hearts of steel. They backed Pinnochet, Indonesia’s Suharto, Phillipines Marcos and Ziarre’s Mobuto. They backed Saddam when they hated Iran more They gave Bin Laden cash in the cold war and enforced sanctions on Iraq’s civilians with a Unicef death toll of half a million. They backed Israel in 82 - In Palestine, 17,000 soon knew the hand of death - remains the same all century. We’re run by a country with a soul so empty. What democracy when small fractions vote? Most are brainwashed, where’s the hope? Every battle makes them think Vietnam! They bomb dying countries like Afghanistan and who’ll be next maybe Pakistan. Conform with Bush and man … they’re damned by their own people who in turn hate India. Both gone Nuclear: that’s why I’m warning you. 10,000 died in Bhopal in 84, result of a gas leak, who was appalled? Who stood in silence, for this corporate violence? from a US company called Union Carbide its Hypocrisy, hypocrisy! I say it twice for impact. I’m a citizen of the world burn the union jack. That’s the point here we’re really all one. I don’t care if I bore you cos we have to go on. I don’t want to scare you, just want to tell ya. US views ain’t the world’s but same as the media. It’s human conditioning, keeping us boxed. WE’RE ALL JUST WALKING AROUND BRAINWASHED. This is my letter to America learn don’t pray. We must save ourselves - right about today. Deaths from Terrorism - US targets 1984-2001 Approx 8,000 - including 7,000 current estimate for the twin towers attack on 11th September 2001 – but ended up totalling around 2,800 (just shows how the media exaggerate US deaths) Deaths from Terrorism - other targets around the world 1984 - 2001approx1,000 Annual averages worked out for SEPT 11th : People who died of hunger on Sept 11th - 24,000 People who died of diarrhoea on Sept 11th - 6,000 People who died of measles on Sept 11th - 2,700 ENDURING CONSTANT TERRORS Malnourished kids in the world 149 MILLION. People without access to safe drinking water 1.1 BILLION. People without adequate sanitation 2.4 BILLION. People living on less than 1$ per day 1.2 BILLION. Number of African kids under 15 infected with HIV 1.1 MILLION. Illiterate adults 875 MILLION. Annual averages killed in droughts & famine 1972-1996 - 73,000. Annual average kids killed in conflicts 1990-2000 =200,000 and kids left homeless after conflict 1990 - 2000 1.2 Million.Now guess which “civilised” country started more wars in the last decade? And ask yourself - who is the terrorist? WRITE ABOUT TODAY. Copyright D.J.Davies aka RUFMOUTH 13/10/01 thanks to NI magazine for the cold stats. Even if you were 14,000 on the WTC attacks and called me a racist. Yeah right…
Big up all the Elite/Royal and shadowy reptiles that control the pieces of this huge game of chess: you are savage, uncaring, twisted and most importantly cold blooded. I don’t fucking care if you are the direct bloodline of the so-called Gods- what the hell gives you the right to do this shit – to kill us all in these endless divide and rule games eh? What gives you the right to sacrifice not only your first born children and the endless flesh and blood for your satanic rituals? Why don’t we tell the world who the real paedophile’s are? That’s right we’re onto you. Funny how Masonic ties lead from the Dunblane tragedy into the very heart of the current Labour government… funny how no-one mentions the army base next to Holly and Jessica were found, funny how that same base was for troops coming back from Afghanistan – after being injected with God knows what – that made another 4 American soldiers (in the same week that Holly and Jessica were found) return to the US and on the same night all rape and then kill their wives. The real truth is you have lied and stolen our lives and made us little more than slaves on this planet. The real truth is we are more powerful than you. The real truth is that we are God ourselves, individually, everyone single fucking one of us – led to believe we are lonely – when our collective consciousness is capable of so much more than you could ever dream. A change is coming, a return to the garden – hopefully without Snakes this time.
The mad professor returns to give a twisted intro “Hey Ruf - I’m killing all my brain cells” Destroy the past. All you’re ever sold turns up so fast. (Sh) It arrives by itself your disposable wealth. Quality takes time, resurrects your health. Re-energize ya, no pig tranquilliser. No Red Bull, fast pull, I’m Lady Guidiever With the truth, I’m naked, your only hope. They’re wrapped in lies with an army of coats. Layer after layer after layer after layer. Peel ‘em like an onion and find the payers. Oh no it’s a cliché like Citizen Smith. My beef is my release and I’m so happy with. The chance to spread love, satirical cuts. Come on you cheeky monkeys and “eat it all up”. Lick this – Little Miss Trendy Bitch. We’re all just Lemmings jump off the cliff, with the The Brain Washed Followers The Brain Washed Followers The Brain Washed Followers The Brain Washed Followers “Hey RUF… I’m running out of breath” come on catch up. Don’t wear what I wear then you get no love. Everybody’s walking around in BLACK ! And I’m wearing fuck all, just a big ball sack. And tidy pubic’s, I never did Rubic’s Cube or Yo-Yo’s, boring fads see through it. Like to have fun in a way not sold. No Caviar upper class buyer of goals. The Sky is the limit, it’s not that high. I’ve checked out Jupiter, I tell you they lie. It’s not made of gas, but weed and cheese. And everything for sexual satisfaction you need. We stay here working for the same few men. Nah, fuck it start a riot as I pick up the pen. We are wasted by packaging the Ice of the Tip. So all you little Lemmings, jump off the cliff, with the… The Brain Washed Followers The Brain Washed Followers The Brain Washed Followers? Yes the Brain Washed Followers “Hey Ruf.. I like Britney” I reply with smiles. Kid she’s half my age – am I a paedophile And if I was, would you blame me, probably not Sexy Susie’s sell me pop and I like it a lot. I’m into New Metal, I’m into New Rap. Only check for Dr Dre ‘cos the rest are crap. Into Nu School Breaks, Classical Jazz Step Ibiza off my Nappa and I’m off me head. Done every little trend that Mixmag pushed. I’m cocky and cynical and not too sussed, so Say it loud “I’m ignorant and proud” Do you really want to be just part of a crowd? Want to stand in front of tanks, stick up V’s. Drop an old skool rhyme for the young ladies. Be me, myself and I , that’s how to live. Not like a Lemming, throw yourself of cliff’s, to the The Brain Washed Followers The Brain Washed Followers The Brain Washed Followers? Yes the Brain Washed Followers The mad professor returns to give a twisted outro and can’t turn the daft SH101 off. Lyrics copyright D.J.Davies aka RUFMOUTH 28/1/2002 5am-6am ish after Bristol trip.
Quiet on the set, Ruf sets the scene. Throwing up psychedelic coated dreams to absorb you. Warning this contains violence, swearing, drugs, nudity & silence. ……Dramatic pauses capture the vibe. Roller-ball tensions enjoy the ride. King of the streets, hill bouncing car chases. Ill Pulp Fiction - battles in wasted lands. I am, the star, who hits. Darkly destroying all badies with a quip Tales of kleptomania, threesomes, taboos, And greed, liaisons in loo’s. Layers of detail, exotic locations. Blending raw comedy with observations. I’m a killer car chiller, delivered uncut. Decapitate my victims, chain saw your nuts. My 3D effect wrecks easy viewing. Erotic soundscapes so real your screwing - your lady - in the back row of your mind. then you skip to the toilet… snort up a white line. Hell Raiser, Terminator, I’ve got many faces. Consume my performance but you’ll never Trade Places. The Man Who Fell To Earth. Yes.. it’s Ruf. Superman, I got a plan, I’m replacing love scenes with obscene X rated porn. Barry Norman blushes, wishes he wasn’t born. In this age of Kung Fu, Police stop 9. Endless sequels with the dead revived. Die hard 6 & Alien 7 Friday the 13th - is it part 11 ?? Go straight to video, no innovation … buy on special offer from a petrol station. I’m stopping, believing the hype. Godzilla’s amazing…hhmm yeh right I doubt it, who made it the Usual Suspects. Fast food head cinema bland it wrecks Dolby stereo C & D sound blasted computer generated - just like the cast, Moronic, no plot it’s chills & thrills. Won’t make me Scream 2, but it fills their tills. Now I’m in a multiplex, automated entirely. Fast food prices all inflated highly. A loan for a soft drink that tastes too sweet. A mortgage for a hot dog that seems uniquely disgusting, trust in me you dope. Smuggle in supplies its your only hope. Wine gums & whiskey in my little cool flask. Spliff cakes I baked - now I can’t get off my ass! Feel lazy, hazy, film floods by. Stories disappeared so no need to try, comprehend this madness - this films existence. Made for millions worldwide, insistent are the people, but wait… I will tell you this. The future’s dark & unlike The Abyss, there’s no saviour, our behaviour… addicted to the… Fast Food Head Cinema. (Junk culture, fast food, so rude, consume, Eat soon, no room, shit soon, try. Drunk soon, sick soon, fight soon, consume, sell me more lies til it’s time to die). Copyright THE RUF aka D.J.Davies aka RUFMOUTH Started in 97 (1st verse) then May98 & finished 28/6/98. And remember if it’s entertaining then it must be Entertainment! Bollocks, most films these days are the ill-conceived bastard offspring ideas of writers forced to suck the devil’s cock of multi million pound companies desperately trying to sell their film worldwide. This means more effects, less stories & more deaths. Big budgets & no brains.. I want stories to blow my mind. See Roller ball, Woodstock, any book by Clive Barker, Dark city, the Forbidden planet, Dr Strangelove, Event horizon, Trainspotting, Rita, Sue & Bob too, Kess, The long good Friday, Jungle book & other similar intellectual masterpieces….. Ha Ha!
(Funny how it started…) You met me in a club when I thought I was cool. You liked this DJ joker and MC fool. You danced off your pants, I wanted a snog. I looked at your assets, when you went to the bog. If only we’d known just what we’d begun. I squeezed your boobs you patted my bum. I was warming my fingers, avoiding the mingers. Couldn’t believe I was feeling a Ginger! Hmm…. wandered if your pubes were red. Pondered if I was drunk and what lay ahead. Nights ends on “Welcome to the terror dome” I didn’t have no car, couldn’t walk you home. You liked Veggie food, I liked your kebabs. I wanted to taste them alone in your flat. Just a small wait, but enough, a few days. And I was so grateful for all that you gave. Only 19 and my thoughts were pure dirty. You were 26 and shagged me through mercy! (Now things are getting’ cosy…. We’re going down the pub and regular dates. I hate your parents you hate my mates. I went straight for your record collection. Pulling out my long erection selections. Nights of pleasure, most days, same story. Waking up with you and my morning glory. Shagging in the park other public places. I sat on your lap, you sat on my face,. Its Crazy looking back, did it ever go wrong? You seemed perfect, even liked my crap songs. Our tongues entwined, our souls did too. Battered whilst bonking, bruised black and blue. Ah good times, and did we smoke some pot. Started to enjoy watching Top of the Pops. Stayed in watched TV and fell out in shops. You played with my mind I played with my cock. Life got tiring but we muddle through it. Laughing at love, man, “that’s the way to do it” I’m a weird piece of sh.. Don’t get what you see. But I’m Ruf and I’m free. You don’t wanna know me. You didn’t like me then and I don’t like you now. You call me a dick, I call you a cow. Don’t like me singing, just like me a rapper. You think I’m easy, we both know we’re slappers. I need to go further, please come and prick tease. It’s good to be hard but it’s touching my knees. So please, get down and meet Mr long. It’s good and it’s tasty so what if it pongs. It’s natural, factual, only knob cheese. You can’t cook it, but funk it, least it don’t bleed. Your time of the month once lasted a year. Don’t love me no more now I’ve started my beer Belly, I’m smelly. But Hey farting’s an art So I’m dropping the bomb at night in the dark And early morning when I’ve knicked the duvet. Reciting in my sleep all the hookers I’ve paid. Wake me up by peeing on my face BUT I like it! Told me not to tell, so I put it in rhymes its Not that I don’t listen, it’s just I don’t care. Except when your angry in your underwear. I’m always doing everything you tell me not to, And all the rude things that the others won’t do. They told you I’m no good, and damn were they right. I’m bad meaning bad but my Jim will help Light Your fire…. (oh no but I’m not going to sing??) Knowing me… Knowing you A haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lyrics copyright D.J.Davies aka RUFMOUTH 3/2/2002 9.30am-10.20am. AH HA !!
You conceited bastards Come on now… rock to the rhythm .. Been running this since you were watchin’ Tweenies Into Cypress Hill with your dumb lookin’ Beenie’s I ain’t no dedicated follower of fashion ‘cos that shit ain’t everlasting. True commitment is never trendy.. so to all the groups whose promises were empty.. I’m still here, still standing, still angry.. Feel this now.. I heard you go blah, blah, on my Rufneck track If you think you’re on beat then your mind’s on crack. Think you wrecked it, 2 friends made the rackit. You ain’t an mc you’re just wearing the jacket! Look the part, maybe, but thats about it. Other than the cover then, your record is shit. I don’t buy the hype your mates write in mags. I’m so much fucking doper on stage in rags! Keepin’ this hardcore, I say fuck your encores, people don’t want it, the Ruf’s what they’re here for. (Nah they’re fuckin’ not) True I’m not a big star. No jingle, no jewellery and a little crap car, I try and chat truth , ‘cos all I hear is lies. Go back to your day job, with ya suit & ties. (THE ORIGINAL RUF BASTARD I’VE LASTED) Longer then your age YOU CONCIETED BASTARD …(mental that is) YOU CONCIETED BASTARD I’ve burned many jams got props from Jurassic, Bambaataa, Chuck D cos my Mindbomb’s spastic - out of control, ‘cos my freedom’s unique. I write the rhymes and controlled Ruf Beats. Producer, seducer, my fans I won’t lose ya. This ain’t the fast show but I do SUIT YOU SIR. Still got what you need, British Beef from Dave Knocking down all doors with a Jeep Beat ram raid. So take that, or take this, my albums you resist? I’ll wait sell you one for a fiver when ya pissed at midnight, hounding all the girls with ya dogbreath. No need for violence ‘cos I dissed you to death. You think you’re “the shit” well second words right. Cuss me for my accent, ‘cos I’m dope & white. Prejudice comes in many forms and shades. This Mindbomb’s complete now learn to behave.. Proper… YOU CONCIETED BASTARD YOU CONCIETED BASTARD I’m so, Sick of this, so let this be the end. YOU CONCIETED BASTARD’s just fuck off & fend for yourselves, stop wasting my time its precious. I gave you what you asked, so why act treacherous?? … man, that’s low, no way to behave. Think you know the Ruf and you’re callin’ me late. Waking up my family with your stabbing threats. Not in the same galaxy as this space cadet. Don’t know me, can’t show me shit, you scum. I’m fighting all this wackness COS IT’S WHERE I’M FROM and it’s where I’m at, you ain’t fat, a pity. I’m a one man hip hop army, so what my city ignores this, deplore this, your Golden Showers You can piss all over me & I won’t cower. Was here before you kid, I’ll be here after. You ain’t a rapper but an actor no bafta. I laugh at ya, can’t hear a word you’re saying. “off the top of the dome (freestyle)” bollocks you’re playing. Right into my hands another mindless mc. Why step to the mike, when your heads so empty. My words like a DJ ‘cos I drop Prime Cuts If it ain’t worth saying then Shut the Fuck Up. YOU CONCIETED BASTARD YOU CAN SEE THE BASTARDS!!! (Yeaah, can you see the bastards. Mr Ruf uncover these scumbags…) This is going out to all the trendy know-it-all wankers in certain record shops. To US wannabee dj’s.. you know who you are, faking your funk. To UK producer’s using lame brothers of US mc’s & putting few dope Uk mc’s on, Your lame, where’s your group, your identity, you ugly trainspotting wankers. To all them trendy dj’s playing instrumental, and despite what you say in the media, never dropping a British tune let alone a Ruf Beat. Where’s ya backbone?? To rip off distributors like SRD, a big fuck off to Nu Groove in the US, Mr Dave Paul at BOMB for bad business decision’s, Wolfgang who used to run 99 distribution, Mick from Fresh’s ex business partner Klaus - you all owe my family money. twats!! To all the lazy journalists in London, get off your arse, there’s more to the British music scene, 0/10 come see me. To all the fake G’s , weak wannabee’s MC’s & Ali G’s, drop one rhyme over a PREMO beat & think your an mc. Fuck off. To the apathetic public, only going to big name weak US shows & not supporting your own We’re dope face it.. check Sounds of Blighty.. try to deny our talent.. I dare ya To all the crews who big themselves up and that’s it. That’s shit. We can only blow this up together, you need me & I need you. To everyone in this small pond of a scene, talking a lot but not doing nothing. Shut the fuck up. You hypocritical piece of dog turd. And on a personal tip fuck, NTL, Tom Bloxham, the DSS, Various printers & graphic designers, you can’t rip me off suckers, I’m too Ruf for ya. Oh yeah and the Taxman is still robbin’, and to the police, why do you only stop me when I got my nice, warm, many pocketed dope army jacket on, it’s appreciated loads…thank you that’s all I’ve got to say.C Copywrite D.J.Davies aka RUMOUTH 6-8.30am 26/10/2000
This is for all the true heroes who light our fires. Many taken away before their time… Still in my mind. (once again) Its late I know but I can’t sleep. Peace of mind so hard to keep. I saw it on the news today. Another hero zeroed, blown away. It makes me wander, if I’ll be next. Written deep in my stories text. I used to dream nightmares so livid. No time for death now its time for living. But all my heroes die so early, coming round now almost yearly. Taken away in prime, its senseless. Times moved on, has it meant less? Nah not really, they kill visionaries. Left with stars so fake like fairies. Your just another puppet on a string I’m me. Cut the strings, we need to be free to feel…. THE FURY… (Conversation with mate about being paranoid) Not paranoid, the best get wasted. Truth is hidden, lies are tasted. JFK - we’re told 30 years after, It was Vietnamese & the Mafia. US government in bed with mob. Ran Sinitra with a unique job, description, glitzy games they’re playing. Gunning, cunning, its no use praying. God this century’s achieved so much (sic). To make a voice no voice and such. Media games mean I can’t play this. I’m so angry but I can’t say (SHIT) Expletives deleted like heroes erased. Stay in box, forsake your right to say Your angry…… THE FURY And…. The Gods came down, gave us Jimi. Rock role models die young. Thin Lizzy. Kurt Cobain, tales INXS. Self inflicted(?) check out the rest. As he changed policy, Malcolm X when leaders unite - despised as threats. They killed Martin Luther, America’s racist. Slave to the dollar at minimum wages……….. True visionaries all taken away From Bill Hicks to Mr Marvin Gaye. Unite us, excite us, they’re sorely missed. Genius left us, their dreams resist. They can’t kill ideas, thats evolution. Kill big brother, final solutions. What’s going on? hero’s erased. Accept mediocre, buy & behave as they want ya… THE FURY Your sponser??… THE FURY Scary monsters… THE FURY No longer… THE FURY C Copywrite D.J.Davies aka RUFMOUTH 3-4am 5/10/2000 THE GOOD DIE YOUNG… - a tiny part of the list of those assassinated by the world elite Anyone who gets in their way – tries to issue their own money – (THE FEDERAL RESERVE and Banks DO NOT LIKE THIS – it’s a big no-no if you wanna get out of here alive) A few political ones…. John F Kennedy / Robert Kennedy Lots of other Kennedy’s + Marilyn Monroe Martin Luther King Malcolm X Ghnadi Steve Biko Diana Some cultural ones and yes heroes, musicians and guiding lights Bruce Lee Jimi Hendrix Jim Morrison Bob Marley Peter Tosh John Lennon Lenny Bruce Bill Hicks NO MORE HEROES?? Be your fucking own and stop waiting for false heroes to come and wake you up … as John Lennon said “you are the only one who can wake you up” You don’t need heroes, you don’t even need education (as Bob Marley said “if I’d been educated I’d be a damn fool”!), no. all you need is inspiration. The hero was always you. This is why they tell you how worthless you are – it keeps you powerless. Since the day you were born you have been lied to. Our history is entirely made up to suit those in control (or so they think0 of this big game). But after each war, after each light soul they take away from us – scared of their influence upon us – the more tuned in we become to this game that has been going on since our time on this planet begun. How more of our soul mates must be taken before we wise up to this evil game endlessly covered up by a totally placid and lying media????
The legend 06:20
And who is the legend? Who is the hero? Well I always knew it was you. Who was scared of nothing? Who stood for something? Yes I always knew it was you. And he began…. “This is my struggle will you step inside. Learn from my mistakes in this intense life. In a Bermuda triangle of pain, self blame. Never able to go out, try to dodge the rain. A happy man takes walk, you stumble. When we mean to shout a protest we always mumble. Shouting down our views to the corner of rooms. Sweep away our problems using drugs as brooms. Push them under carpet, so scared to come clean. Scared of sharing fears, scared to live our dreams.” He said : “It’s really so easy to live in denial. Never push yourself and avoid all the trials of life, doesn’t work that way, no way. Biting your tongues say what you wanna say. Express what you mean to, it’s something to cling to. Honesty’s the policy but it’s hard to be straight to yourself, temptation and self depravation of your soul and body is a disease through nations.” He said “It’s making you lazy, think of your baby. Change the out of date laws driving you crazy. That’s evolution the only reason we came here. Learn to embrace my love and kill all your fears.” He said : “I’ve got to reassure you even if you knew Let your soul shine through ‘cos it was always in you” And who is the legend? Who is the hero? Yes I always knew it was you. Who was scared of nothing? Who stood for something? I always knew it was in you. Who had the bravery? Who had the dignity? Well I always knew it was you. And who saved me from breakdown? A nuclear meltdown? I always knew the legend was you And He continued… “There ain’t no religion, they always cause wars. And wealth is the worlds but we keep behind doors. We’re all here to share and savour the flavours And fall in love, care for and yes even save her. This is your home she won’t be here for ever. Leaving this place a future goal of mankind’s splendour. Stop wasting on weapons and useless possessions and gambling on future’s and learn some lessons.” He said : “There is no enemy, war is suicide. Propaganda causes hate, hate leads to genocide. You fight the hate you can see, and some you can’t. Leaves you open to pain and it drains your heart. We can get over, yes, we can really get over. Fight ourselves like maniacs when there is only soldiers or warriors, pumped up for a brainwashed mission. Wars over money and imagined religions and stolen homelands, boundaries never existed. We don’t conquer, just divide, but we embrace this. It’s not the violence of the few that’s bothering me, it’s the inaction of the rest that always rocks me to the core….. We’ve got so much to fight for. If I open up your love will you shut the door?” He said : “you’re all so selfish, it’s taught through the media. Re-learn your truth, experiences free ya. It’s time to ignite the fire that runs deep in you. And you can do whatever that you want to do” And who is the legend? Who is the hero? Yes I always knew it was you. Who was scared of nothing? Who stood for something? I always knew it was in you. Who had the bravery? Who had the dignity? Well I always knew it was you. And who saved me from breakdown? A nuclear meltdown? I always knew the legend was you And who had the passion? Who didn’t follow fashion? Uniqueness was always with you? And who fought the cancer? Who gave me the chance to show you that it’s always in you. And then he began to cry as he whispered : “Don’t look for false Gods, the legend is you. Maybe one day you will find your own truth. We all need each other but so busy forget. Replacing society with comfort zone heads. Real life is a struggle, you either respect this, if you let it slip away then you will regret this. life is just a ride we could make it together, everyone trying their best in little ways to get better. And that’s the only solution on this ball of confusion. We love and we’ll live - your fear is an illusion.” He said : “There is no messiah, your pain I can’t cure. If I could, I would, but you can open all doors. Grab every minute don’t let anyone stop you. Drink in all the glory, let pure music rock you, art inspire you, great stories consume you. trust in kindred spirits and they will help free you. And that is the answer and that is MY truth. You were always the legend, the hero is you.” And who is the legend? Who is the hero? Yes I always knew it was you. Who was scared of nothing? Who stood for something? I always knew it was in you. Who had the bravery? Who had the dignity? Well I always knew it was you. And who saved me from breakdown? A nuclear meltdown? I always knew the legend was you And who had the passion? Who didn’t follow fashion? Uniqueness was always with you? And who fought the cancer? Who gave me the chance to show you that it’s always in you. Who helped slay my demons? Made me able to free them? Did you ever think it’d be you? You were never a zero, the ultimate hero, I know now the legend was you. C D.J.DAVIES akakakakakaka RUFMOUTH 4/9/2001 3.20am-4.27am This is for Tom for helping me find my soul. “5 years” made me cry in that pure cleansing way. I hope you win all your fights my friend. Thank you… Dave
New life 06:13
New life – for me To all the people… hear this… feel this… Are you… Sitting on the stairs with your head in your hands. Had enough of living to their masterplan. Work never stops… hours get longer, scared as media grip gets stronger. Too much information, overload is imminent. Fear is placed in you, listen - figure it out. When your worried, they can control. Destroy your hope, pacify your soul. You hate celebrity, riches, fame. Look for scapegoats, newspapers blame everybody else - never looking at self. Need time for living? Its clear that wealth can’t be taken with you, life is taxed. You’re a cog in a world machine & never thanked. Friends never come out, apathetic as you. Smoking to beats as you drown in blues. Can’t afford to go out? TV is too loud! Screaming in your head, you’re just one of a crowd. You could change this, you just blame this. Stuck firm on your bottom as I even say this. We’re oh so tender & tired on pills. Rat race 8, Human race 0, d’ya want a New Life? New life for me Gotta tear up the model, rip it up, start again. Everyday people go insane in brain, I name the world bank (IMF) the city. Raping 3rd world with no sense of pity or humanity. A crazy few that rules us, no democracy - they just confuse us. Vote for the puppet on left or right.. …. Both controlled by the same old might of corporations, take over nations. Try to rise up but “stay in your station!”. Your used, abused, so damn tired. Working overtime, your life’s expired, d’ya need a New Life? There’s an answer… Now… lift up your head & follow the voice, calling you to action, you have a choice. Redirect emphasis on nearest, dearest. Don’t waste time on suckers. Hear this! You can rise above situations, with intelligence & motivation. (Take a look around) everyone is suffering, turn us against us, our weight is smothering freedom. Even now we’re so blind. Trust your instinct, subconscious mind is closer to the way we were meant to live. Not 5% take - the rest just give. We need a New Life. No need to scream, or feel your alone. Walk down the stairs, out of your home. Look down the street, most people the same. Everybody’s struggling ‘cos the name of the game’s survival. World machine - your strapped in. Break the mould, its a way to win. And pain awaits you, but so does glory. Listen to me please, resurrect my story. Lick your wounds, fight to be free, educate & evolve the only way to see a New Life. C D.J. Davies aka RUFMOUTH 1st May - 30th June 2000
C D.J. Davies aka RUFMOUTH 2002 dope basic fly beats for beat boys and beat girls. Lets return to planet rock and the 4 elements and yes peace, love, unity and having fun would be nice to.
C D.J. Davies aka RUFMOUTH 2002 over dope dubby inst with no name
Diggin’ in the crates like my name was Diamond. Fingers kinda dusty but you know I’m smiling. Found another classic forgotten by many. People are so feeble but trends rarely tempt me. Flicking through the wax 100 titles per minute. Wading through the wax in bargain bins it’s music madness I recycle old grooves. Painstaking process beats fused NOT used. Many have forsaken this art - got lazy. May be the reason why new rap don’t amaze me. Just loop an old tune on a SP1200, computer generated with drum kits plundered from a CD, not me. My mind a library of 30 thousand sounds all yelling “come find me”! Indexed in a way I can’t comprehend. Subconscious involved & mood now sends nerve ends thoughts, complicated procedure. Crying for a dark bass, now how I need ya. …ah that’s better THE RUF’s no computer. I blend my influences, many might suit ya, Many amuse ya - beats will abuse ya, Physically, mentally, soundscape confuse ya. Proud of my collection & it’s part of my soul, not just a possession ‘cos the lesson’s they own me and my mind with some magic spell. I love my music Hey Joe can you tell?? No restrictions - rules are for fools. Eclectic a tag but an open mind’s cool and essential to keep the beats mental, of varied pace and with my unique taste. Crossing every section an intrepid explorer Hogging the deck ‘cos I’m a dirty wax hoarder. Can’t afford?? Aaarr. Can I exchange? Sellin’ Sony promo’s, insane in the brain. To afford my next fix, Benny Hill bought, a big bag of breaks - at this art I was taught by self… and other Dj’s hound me. Try to buy Love City for twenty five pounds he- He-he only cost me 20p Gotta give a shout to Les & King Bee…. Dawn used to take me, the racks raped me, £50 for two hours work if ya get me. Music my whore, Dawn dragged me out the door. 1 hour later covers over the floor. 30 second theatre, I’m cramming my head. Playing all the rockers soon I’ll wake in bed. Constructing the next Mindbomb.. OH PLEASE Can’t I just sleep! .. it’s a funky disease. So yes I’m a record shop junkie. Jumping up & down like a PG Tips monkey. But sadly, the scene has gone badly.. it’s just not the same in HMV! No supernova, the Boom is over, I’m not checking bins with a fine tooth comb - Er not funny, can’t spend no money.. all you can get for a quid’s Kaleef. Exchanges know the values, no longer blind. Every decent tune is now hard to find. £25 quid, 20 copies they’ve filed, tunes for the future yes they’re all stockpiled. I smile.. see it’s re-issued good. Music’s for the people, why I think you should get down on Ruf Beats and buy this direct. Save yourself some dosh & get extra inject…ions …from me… DON’T BE COCK. The best wax seller on Planet Rock is me.. and that’s the way it is. No Jason Nevins ‘cos my raps not just business. Music from the heart for your mind, sublime. Request in my tribe, for your beats and rhymes. And Life’s what you make it so support it. Or watch the last, best hope, go down the toilet. SPLASHHHHHHHH C Copyright DJ Davies aka RUFMOUTH 5/7/98


Limited edition CD - Recorded between 2001 and 2003.
Dave The Ruf is the man behind RUF BEATS, JEEP BEAT COLLECTIVE, MINDBOMB and GODFATHER OF WEIRD – here he goes back to his roots and original school nickname of RUFMOUTH to drop a hip hop album on a raw, hardcore tip with no fancy production – just funky, heavy beats, brilliant hooked breaks and TONS and TONS of attitude and humour much more than on any other Ruf Beats release. Great concepts and razor sharp beats and breaks sit side to side with satirical political attacks as RUFMOUTH stands up and shows the hip hop world what it should be about – individuality and PASSION. A unique collection of hip hop songs from the heart and soul from this voice in the wilderness of modern mediocre music.


released June 25, 2012

Dave The Ruf


all rights reserved


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